About Chelsie

Chelsie Lynn Hill was born May 6, 1986 and became a loving daughter to Clark & Debbie, an awesome big sister to Candace and devoted friend to many. Chelsie had a love for many things family, friends, animals, charity and running to name just a few. She was attending college while working full time and was working towards becoming a dental hygienist. She was enjoying life to its fullest and looking forward to everything life had to offer.On September 28, 2010 Chelsie and her friend Jamie met another friend Stephanie for dinner. These three were lifelong friends and were celebrating that Stephanie would be having her first baby, a boy the following March. With so much to celebrate and so many plans to make, they talked and laughed like best friends do and like so many other times before in their lives. After dinner Chelsie and Jamie said good bye to Stephanie and decided to make a stop at a tanning salon before calling it a night. Because it was a beautiful night they opened the sun roof on Jamie’s car to enjoy the the warm fall air and more girl talk. As Jamie slowed down to make a right hand turn into the parking lot their car was hit from behind by a 19 year old distracted driver. The impact caused Jamie’s vehicle to roll once, when the accident was over Jamie reached for Chelsie but she was no longer there in the seat next to her. Because Chelsie was not wearing her seat belt she was ejected out of the sun roof as the vehicle rolled and she sustained fatal head injuries. Jamie was wearing her seat belt and had no physical injuries at all, her seat belt had saved her life but her life would forever change in terrible way.

For all of us who love and miss Chelsie everyday we want to help others avoid this tragedy by telling this story and bring awareness to the importance of seat belts and the danger of distracted driving. We hope to do that by having this 5K every year in Chelsie’s honor and by donating all proceeds to charity as Chelsie would have wanted. We are also hoping to grow this event by inviting anyone whose family has been affected by the issue of seat belt use or distracted driving to join us in this annual Chelsie Hill 5K to remember to buckle your seat belt.